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Game Recommendation

Hi, folks.

I know it's been a while. I'm still sort of vacillating between here and Dreamwidth, I just need to find the crossposting software or scripts to do that. Also, work has been eating my brain. I'm in a better place than I was last time I posted, so there is that at least.

I wanted to make a recommendation for a game. If any of you have a PS3, I would strongly suggest getting the game Journey, by thatgamecompany. It's really an amazing piece of work. It's a short game, I finished it in 2-3 hours, but... it lasts. And it's... very different. Atmospheric. Much like Dear Esther, or Vigil, or Dinner Date, or The Path, or Requiem. All very experimental kinds of pieces.

Well, off now. Game night here. Be well, everyone.

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Dreamwidth makes it easy to cross post. Somewhere on your DW settings page is an option to crosspost and even a way to make the standard boilerplate "Posted at" comment appear.

Are you the same name over there?