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Has it really been almost four years? At the time I bemoaned my being back in desktop support. I thought I was going nowhere, it wasn't really what I wanted to do.

Then something happened. About a year later, there was an opening in the server group. I got taken on half-time with them. And I did okay. Maybe not great, but I made a decent junior sysadmin.

Today that ended. My yearly performance review said 'needs growth.' I didn't do so well, obviously. And I got put back in the desktop support group.

On the one hand, I guess I was asking for it. I'd mentioned several times that I didn't want to do the split-time thing anymore, it was becoming distracting and hard to juggle two different and often competing schedules. Did it have a factor in my being dropped from the server group? I don't know. Maybe. Does it matter anymore?

In a way I'm kind of glad that this split-time thing is over. And working in CRC will be a lot less stressful -- no more on-call hours, no more being responsible for servers that can bring down the campus, no more having to struggle to determine priorities. It's not a crime to be found wanting, nor a dishonor or disgrace. We should all be so lucky as to find our limits.

I don't know. I'm screaming into the void here, aren't I? I've not kept up with Dreamwidth or LiveJournal for four years, after all. Everyone I was used to communicating with there moved on to other pastures.

I keep telling myself -- just as my server group manager told me -- that I still have a future at Stanford. And I don't think he was just saying that. But a part of me is seeing this as the start of the big downward spiral. It happened in the Coast Guard, it happened at Routledge, it happened in Apple, and... well, those are the only jobs I really had any longevity in.

Back in November I celebrated five years at Stanford. That's the longest I've ever worked for anyone since graduating college. What a mess I've made of my life. It's still salvageable, to some extent. But it'll never be what it could have been.
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Said in regard to the zombies infesting the church cemetary:
"I've tried prayer, I've tried my .44, but Satan's wearing Kevlar, and Bible-thumping, uh, just pisses them off."
Henry Hawthorne, The Secret World
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"Soon the world will know the wrath of the LORD OF GOATS!


I may have to work on the title a bit."

Summoner's Journal, Diablo III
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There we go!

That was just a quick test to test out this test -- I mean, just a quick test-post to test out cross-posing from Dreamwidth, and to make sure that everything got transferred over here.

I'll still be following LJ, naturally; things posted to DW will be crossposted to LJ, and you can feel free to comment here or there as you desire. =)

Happy Easter, Passover, and Ostara. =)
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Okay, didn't work the first time... let's try this....


Apr. 8th, 2012 04:33 pm
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Hi, all,

Just a quick test to test out this test -- I mean, just a quick test-post to test out cross-posing from Dreamwidth, and to make sure that everything got transferred over here.

I'll still be following LJ, naturally; and things posted here will be crossposted there.

Happy Easter, Passover, and Ostara. =)
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"The hull has been breached and all the SCIENCE is leaking out!"

Random civilian aboard a soon-to-be-ex-science colony,
Space Pirates and Zombies (and Bounty Hunters)
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Hi, folks.

I know it's been a while. I'm still sort of vacillating between here and Dreamwidth, I just need to find the crossposting software or scripts to do that. Also, work has been eating my brain. I'm in a better place than I was last time I posted, so there is that at least.

I wanted to make a recommendation for a game. If any of you have a PS3, I would strongly suggest getting the game Journey, by thatgamecompany. It's really an amazing piece of work. It's a short game, I finished it in 2-3 hours, but... it lasts. And it's... very different. Atmospheric. Much like Dear Esther, or Vigil, or Dinner Date, or The Path, or Requiem. All very experimental kinds of pieces.

Well, off now. Game night here. Be well, everyone.
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"So, what do you expect me to do, exactly? Go undercover as a cleaning droid?"
"No, no, nothing like that. Although… no, nevermind."

Agent and Cy Krolo, Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Well, considering there seems to be at last a mass exodus from LJ because of the boneheaded decisions their managers are doing, I decided to jump over here so I can watch the journals that are being updated here and not there. =)
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Hi, all,

As some of you are aware, there's oddness going on in LJ-land. Apparently the developers have their own vision of what should happen, and to heck with the users. Apparently, too, for this week you can get a free account at Dreamwidth without an invite code. So even though I haven't posted much here (and what I have posted tends to be whiny) I'm also going to maintain a Dreamwidth account for the time being.

If any of you have Dreamwidth accounts yourselves, please let me know! I'd like to follow you there as well. =)
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(tl;dr: More of my whinging.)

... I've been working on Stanford's network database, cleaning up old modes and getting things ready to re-group a lot of entries. We have a network database bloated with old, unused computers, most of which have reserved IP addresses.

And I was having the time of my life. Unix CLI stuff: redirect outputs, massaging data, even using sed and diff and wc and all sorts if stuff. And most importantly, I was happy.

Today, the first thing I did was install Lenovo tools on a laptop. The second thing was to arrange a time to go and see why a printer wasn't printing. The third thing was -- and is -- trying to figure out why Outlook infrequently and inexplicably crashes on a five-plus year old computer. Anyone want to take bets as to if I'm happy today or not?

I know I need to be more positive. I know there are some people reading this who are thinking I should STFU, that I should be grateful I HAVE a job with health insurance. And I am. I have to be. Because the alternative is grim, and I have to avoid that. In an economic collapse, I have very little doubt as to how long I'll survive. (Answer: How long does a fish last outside of water on a beach?). So I need to keep at this job. Besides, it could be a he'll of a lot worse. So I should be grateful for even being a computer janitor. And yet... This is not the work i want to do. I kept getting told that to get a better job I needed to stay and work in jobs i didn't like. I've been at desktop support for fifteen years now, after *starting* in systems admin, and I can't seem to get out of it still. I jokeabout tossing computers off of Hoover Tower; I'm about ready to go that route myself.

So with that out of my system, how are you doing?

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"[Before entering the simulator] you will be given... dummy grenades. Use a live grenade and I turn off every safety feature in this simulator."

Tech Officer Ochren, Mass Effect
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Long, long ago, I remember seeing Tron in theaters. It was a straght-up fantasy: Enter a strange world inside these "computers" that were starting to pop up everywhere, help to save it, and return. Classic Hero's Journey stuff, and for a kid very very powerful stuff. I remember trying to write a 'Tron Security Program' on my old Atari 800. In BASIC. Maybe if I'd learned Assembler it would have been a bit better, but of course back then I didn't know what assembly language was.

So now the juggernaut of Hollywood has scooped up my childhood fantasy movie and remoulded it. How does it fare? Well, let's find out.... Cut for spoilers. Commence Primary Ignition. )

I'm running out of steam here, so I'll close up. A good film. I saw it in IMAX 3D which was probably a little much -- I don't know about you but I don't like 3D movies. Sure, it's impressive, but it gives me a slight headache, and they tend to have too many gratuitous "plate of pancakes!" moments for my tastes. I don't mind that the movie isn't leaping off the screen at me to bop me on the head; I've lived with flat-screen movies for too long, I suppose. 3D just seems egregious. Still, it was pretty impressive.

So, I would recommend seeing it matinee. It's visually tasty eye-candy, Seeing it IMAX -- or what passes for IMAX in most movie theaters -- is not recommended since it can detract from the movie and it's damn expensive anyway.
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Many of you whom I know, and many more whom I do not, are reasonable, responsible drivers. You take care of the vehicle you operate, or ensure that the owner does; you drive sanely; you have no delusions about what it means to share the road with a million other people driving half-ton metal kinetic kill weapons. This letter is not for you.

Some owners out there, however, do NOT take care of their vehicle. They put off maintenance, even simple crap like oil changes. And then they wonder why everyone on the goddamn highway is glaring at them, fit to commit ocular murder, when they are sitting in their Econoline in the middle lane, trying to get it started after it stalled on them. Worse yet, these operators may not be the owners, and so they are getting a thousand tiny glaring needles of haaaaaaate when it's not their fault that the owner of the vehicle decided to skimp on maintenance.

Attention owners of commercial vehicles: I have had quite enough of seeing your vehicles stalled in the middle of the highway during rush hour. Please stop putting your drivers -- or yourselves -- into situations where half of I-280 South wants your vehicle disintegrated into a trillion flaming bits.

There are other owners out there, who, like the rest of us, want to go home quite badly. The realities of today's urban sprawls mean we all have to share the same stretches of asphalt, however. Your vehicle is not the Popemobile. It is not running with lights and sirens, it is not the Chariot of the Gods, it is not the goddamn Batmobile. It is, in fact, much like any other car on the road: Half a ton of metal and plastic whose body is just as delicate as any other vehicle's.

Attention asshats: Stop driving like you own the road and you will stop having accidents that make all traffic on I-280 go at 5 miles per hour, for ten miles behind you. Your fellow drivers will thank you. Your employer will thank you. Your spouse/significant other/children/therapist/dog/cat/bonsai tree will thank you. Your body shop might not thank you, but they will be pleased to know that you aren't trying to kill yourself or your fellow commuters, and for that they will thank you. And now I shall:

Thank you.


Aug. 17th, 2010 04:47 pm
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I wish I could tell you how much I was terrified that this would not happen. I wish I could... but I won't, because that's in the past.

But I did learn one thing. I get fracking nervous and worried and terrified all too easily. Now that this is done with... I need to work on that next. I will work on it next.

I want to thank folks for being patient with me these past... hell, since I left New York and the job with Apple. Seemed like every other post was me complaining. That's why I more or less stopped posting. But that's going to change, too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to collapse in relief and weep for joy.
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Jon is once again without Internet, though this time it's my own damn fault. I missed a payment and AT&T shellacked my service and sowed salt in the ground my modem was on. I might be lucky and get it tomorrow, or more likely Friday.

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Apr. 29th, 2010 11:45 am
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Hi, folks.

Things have improved overall since my prior post. The job isn't as horrible as I thought it would be -- it's lightyears better than most desktop support jobs I've had, and I no longer so desperately think that this is going to kill me. I apologize if that post torqued off anyone.

Not much else going on, things are okay, as I said, and I'm managing to keep somewhat busy.


Apr. 20th, 2010 06:34 pm
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"Enjoy it, Joker. If we don't have a choice, we might as well let them pamper us."
"Could I get that on a crew shirt? Because this is the best 'YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!' choice, ever."
"This is technically a civilian ship. I should be glad that you're still wearing pants."

Source: Sheperd and Joker, Mass Effect 2
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