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"It's Non Sequitor Man, come to confuse us all!"

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Birthdate:Jul 7
caraig is the online name for me, Jonathan McDermott. Oooh, stunning! I picked up the name 'caraig' some ten years ago when I started mucking about MUCKs.

A little about me... well, I've a degree in oceanography and meteorology, I spent three years as a Coast Guard officer, and after too long being an IT professional I'm just long since graduated from computer animation school in Florida

I've a wide variety of interests, some of which I've listed below; others you'll just have to ask about. ;) Currently, most of my free time is spent at my job at Stanford -- I'm a computer janitor there, basically.

My web site, listed above, has more information about me, as well as a number of my rants. Enjoy!
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