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Needless to say, I've been unemployed for a while now, and with no bites on the animation or graphics design front I'm looking at temporary employment, just enough to pay the bills and build up a buffer to move to Wherever.

As part of this plan, I applied to Geek Squad. I know, I know, doing tech support is something I vowed never to do. But right now it's the one marketable skill I have that seems to have some demand. And, it's temporary, something to fill the coffers, only until I get a job doing what I WANT to do; blast he who wishes to stand in my way from what I seek to do for my career. Archaic exhortations aside, the application process to Geek Squad was an odd experience, because in applying online, you fill out some kind of personality quiz that reminded me of nothing less than the personality quizzes you see floating around here in LJ now and then. It's very strange. I didn't sweat it; I answered the questions as appropriate and we'll see what happens. In the course of applying, I discovered that one of my old employers, Pinnacle, is now hiring a metric buttload of jobs. It's almost tempting to see if they'd take me back. (For historical notes: I was laid off because of downsizing in November of 2001. Yeah, that time period. At least, that's what I was told. Yes, I'm a paranoid SOB sometimes, does it show?)

Something quite interesting happened when I went to see Batman Begins. The movie itself was good, but what I noticed was when I was stepping out of the theater, and the wind had picked up and from somewhere upwind a tree or field of flowers had released these little bits of fluff onto the wind, and walking about outside was like walking into a drizzle of life. I wish I could really relate how it felt at the time; it was almost a 'Zen moment.'

The movie was good, by far the best Batman movie, rivalling if not exceeding Tim Burton's Batman.

I'm also doing modeling work for a Half-Life2 mod team. So far not a lot done, a big part was trying to get Maya to talk to Steam without throwing a snit, but I think that's been overcome now and I'm working on the second model now. No animations, but that's fine, gotta start somewhere, and HL2 has some insane hierarchies and "ways of doing things." So much different from the days of HL1.

Sometime next week (our first appointment was cancelled) my brother and I are meeting with the estate lawyer to get paperwork done and other things moving.

[ profile] yotogi now has me wanting to try out an Exalted game. Not to GM, though; the game-world is pretty damn big and I don't feel up to rearranging and restructuring it like I do with the Star Wars game. Oh, well, probably won't happen anytime soon, anyway.

And other than that, just somewhat managing to keep busy and keep (generally) distracted and productive in various ways.

Anyway, not much else going on. I'll let you know if anyone from Geek Squad comes a-calling.


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