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Yesterday, after returning from the Last Great Huzzah to Manhattan before I leave NYC, I discovered that my phone was, again, out. It came back sometime this morning. (At about 11 I picked up the phone to check it. No dial tone. Half an hour later, it rang, and it was an unsolicited phonecall from someone running for state assembly. I was so tickled I let them give their speil.) However, at the time of this writing I still have no DSL. If past experience is any indicator, it will either come up soon or it will take another several days.

The nature of this 'issue' is strange. In the house, I pick up the phone and I get no dial tone, but the line isn't dead. There's something outside the house keeping the circuit open; thus when you call, you get a busy signal.

At this point, while I doubt that they'll actually do anything, I'll be contacting the Better Business Bureau or the Consumer Advocacy Board or the Public Utilities Commission or whatever the hell it is that New Yorkers can actually send complaints about these miserable rotten unprintable monopolies. As I said... not that I expect them to actually do anything. =/ But this is ridiculous. I realize that there are some repairs at work that we can't fix -- sometimes a computer comes in that we just can't find what's wrong with it. But we do what we can; either we replace every possible component or we replace the entire computer, but we get a working, as-good-as-new computer back in the hands of the customer. After talking with the customer service people yesterday, I get the impression that the technicians don't give a damn about fixing the problem once and for all, and that it will keep coming back. It's an 'intermittent' problem. And if it keeps coming back, oh, well, they'll send a tech out to fix it. Eventually. Aren't you glad that we allowed this state of affairs to happen?

What is particularly worrisome is the thought that they would be doing this even if I were a shut-in or invalid. Never mind that I can go out about 100 yards to the street and use my cell phone, what if I couldn't? What if I had one of those MedAlert bracelets, fell down the stairs, and tried to use it and found that my phone line was out? It's a scary thought.

I'm sorry I missed the Law game last night. =( For those of you in the Hunter game, I will most likely be running tonight though maybe not as long as usual (since I've got to go in to work early tomorrow.)

In other news, in my times off the net, I have finished reading Justice, Watchmen and Crisis on Infinite Earths. I can sort of see what all the hubub was about Crisis, it really is an epic-scale story. The fact that it took so much effort to take down the Anti-Monitor, though... man, did that make the story drag. I realize he's supposed to be very, very tough, but that got a little extreme in places. Justice grabbed my attention because the artist who did the gorgeous, lavish Kingdom Come did the coloring for it, and it really is almost as beautiful as KC. The storyline isn't as epic but it's still quite cool to watch unfold. Watchmen, now. I can see why it was praised so much, and there are quite a bit of depth in it. Not sure about some of the conclusions people have drawn about it, but Rorscarch is definitely off his rocker in a lot of ways. More on this later if I get the chance.

I'll once again try to post more when I get my DSL back. I have to keep the phone line free at least during the hours while $STORE is open just in case they need to ask for information from me (like they did today, twice. I'm going in early tomorrow and staying a bit late. All paid overtime, of course. I have to go in early because they're 'recovering' from physical inventory done on Sunday and need to recount service parts. Glee.) Pax.


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