Aug. 24th, 2011

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(tl;dr: More of my whinging.)

... I've been working on Stanford's network database, cleaning up old modes and getting things ready to re-group a lot of entries. We have a network database bloated with old, unused computers, most of which have reserved IP addresses.

And I was having the time of my life. Unix CLI stuff: redirect outputs, massaging data, even using sed and diff and wc and all sorts if stuff. And most importantly, I was happy.

Today, the first thing I did was install Lenovo tools on a laptop. The second thing was to arrange a time to go and see why a printer wasn't printing. The third thing was -- and is -- trying to figure out why Outlook infrequently and inexplicably crashes on a five-plus year old computer. Anyone want to take bets as to if I'm happy today or not?

I know I need to be more positive. I know there are some people reading this who are thinking I should STFU, that I should be grateful I HAVE a job with health insurance. And I am. I have to be. Because the alternative is grim, and I have to avoid that. In an economic collapse, I have very little doubt as to how long I'll survive. (Answer: How long does a fish last outside of water on a beach?). So I need to keep at this job. Besides, it could be a he'll of a lot worse. So I should be grateful for even being a computer janitor. And yet... This is not the work i want to do. I kept getting told that to get a better job I needed to stay and work in jobs i didn't like. I've been at desktop support for fifteen years now, after *starting* in systems admin, and I can't seem to get out of it still. I jokeabout tossing computers off of Hoover Tower; I'm about ready to go that route myself.

So with that out of my system, how are you doing?

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